5 Simple Steps to Reduce Television Induced Stress?

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How many times have you got up feeling happy and contended after watching television? For most of us it happens only once in blue moon when our favorite team wins a great tournament! Rest every time; most people get up from T.V tired and exhausted after flipping at least 50 channels in an hour. It was a common phenomenon in my life until I renounced my companionship with Television five years back. Intermittently I do watch television when I visit my parents for a month or two, but I am more conscious about the effects of T.V on me during those times.

The constant telecast of shows and events centralized around violence (physical and emotional), Sex (direct and inferred) and materialism induces a great deal of stress within us. This not only lowers the level of life energy within us but also interferes with our ability to concentrate, distorts our perception of real world and makes us insensitive to violence. Here are some powerful tools that I discovered before I completely renounced television. Most of those who used these tools became consciously aware about the negative effects of television over viewing and in due course gave up TV.

The most effective technique For Reducing Television Induced Stress

The Power Off technique: If you use this technique you will spend 50% less energy than now. The Power Off technique stipulates ‘Power off’ TV during commercial breaks without flipping a single channel’. I used this technique for watching movies and surprisingly I enjoyed movies more than ever during my old television days. This gives a sense of continuity while watching movies and you get more involved with the story of the movie.

Other Habits That are Helpful in Reducing Television Induced stress

  1. selective Viewing: Here important point is decide which show or telecast you going to watch before switching on the television, it is completely different from switching the TV on and then deciding what to watch.

  2. Limit your time: Limit the amount of time you spend with television, I personally find television should not be given more than six hours per week. It is better to restrict it within three hours per week, if you can.

  3. Do not keep television in your bedroom: By keeping TV in the bedroom, you allow it to interfere with your peace; you also increase the risk of over watching.

  4. Keep a check on television noise: Keep television at an enclosed place so that it can not disturb other members of the house through it’s noise. Television noise is equally stress inducing as television.

Try these for a week and you will find the surprising difference in your mental state! Television is like noise of an air conditioner, till the time it is making noise you do not realize it, but the moment the noise stops you feel relief.

  1. Himanshu says:

    thts a gr8 thing u said! m sure it will help ppl lot in relaxing n being fresh n fully charged! i hope everyone should follow this! Thank u for sharing with us :)

  2. framerguy says:

    Not a problem.Nothing feels better then lending a hand or just listening if someone needs a hand. Thank You

  3. Louis says:

    Thanks for the article. Very interesting !

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