Bad karma: List of actions that accrue bad karma

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When I started this blog, I first wrote about Law of karma and then came another post on the same lines explaining methods to get rid of bad karma. Since then I have realized that a lot of apprehension is among readers about what is good and bad karma. So in this post I will list actions that accrue bad karma in one’s life. Please note that our inner self already knows the difference between good and bad, however this post will only help to bring these actions from sub-conscious to conscious mind.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and there cannot be an exhaustive list of actions defining good or bad karma, considering the infinitude of situations life throws on us. However, following two rules can be used as touchstone for judging an action and resultant karma.

Rule 1: Good deeds give good karma and bad deeds give bad karma. (I know it is common sense, and I do not get any marks for writing this, but recognizing and implementing this fact consciously is extremely important.)

Rule 2: Treat others, as you would like yourself to be treated. (Additionally implement this rule by treating your inner-self as yourself and your physical self others.)

Now let us look at actions that accrue bad karma keeping these rules in view:

  1. Allowing Negative or destructive thoughts to harbour in mind: Since, this act is the starting point for any bad karma, it occupies the top slot on the list. Harbouring negative or destructive thoughts may seem harmless to some of us, but consider that all these thoughts are harbinger of future negative deed that inflicts pain on self and others.
  2. Cowardice: Allowing wrong to prevail without resistance is definitely a bad karma as it propagates injustice. Sooner or later all onlookers of injustice are subjected to it in some form.
  3. Deceiving people: Returns in the same form, deceive and be ready to be deceived in future. Feel lucky if you are deceived in this life, at least you will remember the reason for such an occurrence with you. Matters will get worst if you pay for it in future lives as frustration would add up as interest.
  4. Disregarding God: It is a form of disrespect to the one who takes care of everyone unconditionally. By disrespecting him we attract disrespect to our own self.
  5. Disregarding love: Most of us are trying to find true love, a scarce resource on earth now days. Have we not disregarded love in some form or the other? Is it not our bad karma that we are paying for? Think about it.
  6. Encourage Evil: Encourage evil and the evil will eat you one day, that’s the karmic implication of encouraging evil.
  7. Fighting for the wrong cause: Since fighting for the wrong cause encourages injustice, it is considered as a bad karma. By doing so we open gates of injustice to creep into our lives.
  8. Harbouring negative emotions: Negative emotions like hatred, grudges, jealously, anger etc, create negativity in attitude and actions hence, avoid as far as possible. These negative emotions eventually culminate into tangible negative actions, thus leading to bad karma.
  9. Harming fellow human beings: In any way, mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, whatever you can think of leads to negative outcome.
  10. Harming other creatures: Atrocities against animals, plants, environment in general, and entities of astral planes credits bad karma.
  11. Hurting Feeling of others: through rudeness, sarcasm, by nagging, shouting, venting frustration, blaming others for own faults etc. To execute this we often misuse the ability of verbal communication granted by god, exclusively to our species.
  12. Judging others: Keeping an opinion about someone and judging others are two different things, since, in our capacity we are unable to assess the true circumstances of a person, we often inflict pain by judging (rather misjudging) others and make our own self a candidate for a misjudgement in future.
  13. Lies: Any form of lie is an attempt to deceive, the degree to damage a lie does to the subject quantifies bad karma accrued due to it. Giving a false testimony is more severe than telling a cooked up story.
  14. Loosing physical control: The actions that manifest when some one looses physical control lead to bad karma. Unprovoked physical violence against any creature adds up to karma negatively.
  15. Manipulation: By manipulating others we misuse the god given power of intelligence to exploit others. Our behaviour harms our own fellow beings. Unfortunately this one thing is very rampant in human society.
  16. Neglecting Responsibilities: Puts undue pressure on fellow beings, often family members when we neglect responsibility, sooner or later we find ourselves in similar situation where we are forced to take undue responsibility of others.
  17. Self Abuse: The situations that lead to self-abuse (any form) appear again and again until we show courage to solve the problem.
  18. Selfishness: Selfishness is an attitude that prompts us to actions that may harm others thus accumulating bad karma into our karmic accounts.
  19. Showing Off: when we show off our superiority we try to make others feel inferior. The karmic implication of showing off is predisposition towards inferiority complex. Those who show off often find people who are genuinely way ahead of them giving them inferiority complex.
  20. Succumbing to greed: Greed again is a form of selfishness and can make us unreasonable and at times unethical.
  21. Succumbing to weaknesses of mind: Anger, indiscipline, laziness, irritability, Self-pity, procrastination, habit of spreading rumors etc. are weakness of mind responsible for unreasonable action with negative karmic implications.
  22. Using Mental or physical force for selfish causes: When selfishness becomes monstrous, this kind of action culminates. The karmic results too are disastrous.
  23. Stealing: Any kind of stealing.
  24. Cruelty: any kind of cruelty in any form makes one a future candidate for unfavourable outcome.

To avoid negative actions the best is to listen to inner self, the more we listen to it, clearer it’s voice becomes. There are some overlaps in this list to make things easy to understand.

  1. Gregorio says:

    Read it, liked it, and am now thanking you for it!

  2. indrani says:

    Thank god there is someone who understands these concepts, and of course, the fact that you have written in a lucid manner has made my life easier!

  3. Mona says:

    Wow, i think its absolutely amazing. U have made it so much simpler for me to understand bad karma…can you recommend a very good digestible book I can read for the same?

    you are doing a great job!

  4. Nitin Akash says:

    Hi Mona!

    I think ‘Laws of Spirit world’ would help, if you intend to dive into the intricacies then read ‘God talks with Arjuna The Bhagwat Gita’ by shri Parmahansa Yogananda. :)

  5. Sara says:

    I like it. I feel all this is phillosophical. The reason being, i know of a lady who has only done bad to others. She has squeezed work out of her subordinates, manipulated things, told lies and every year gets a promotion.

    So, I feel if you are mentally strong and know the arts of manipulation and telling lies, then all this hardly matters. But the world will definitely become a bad place to live.

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