How do I stop eating? 5 Methods to Stop Overeating

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Today this question haunts more than one third of human inhabitants of this planet, as the global GDP is increasing, so is the average human BMI (Body Mass Index).

I am giving you five time-tested and effective methods that will help you stop eating beyond what is required. So, if you are wondering ‘ How do I stop eating?’ then follow these Methods judiciously.

  1. “Am I Hungry?” Method: This is the most important question that you need to ask yourself if you really want to stop eating those extra calories, Most of the time people do not eat because they are hungry; they eat because of other reasons. The reasons for overeating could be any of the following:
    • Time for Food: Think twice before you start to gulp food at your specified time. Most of us eat because we are accustomed to eating at specified time e.g. during lunch break or say when our regular T.V show is aired etc. To control this habit just ask yourself ” Am I feeling hungry?” if the answer is NO then don’t force the food on yourself. Wait till the time you really start to feel hunger. I will tell you that most people have forgotten how it feels like being hungry, especially in developed countries. Guys and Gals, Remember the beautiful body has a mechanism to inform us when and how much to eat? Excise that, just don’t allow the habit to dictate terms here.
    • Social Obligation: Do your colleagues at office have a habit of bringing coffee for you when they go to bring coffee to themselves? It means you are really loved in your office. It also implies that you will claim fewer pensions after you retire. Here are some methods to counter situations that make you a candidate for overeating.Situation 1: Colleague brings coffee/eatable and offers you!
      Solution: Ask him to drink an extra cup for you! If eatables are offered keep it with you and tell him you will eat when hungry. However be sure to keep that eatable away from your sight, otherwise it will shout every minute ‘ EAT ME!’ to disturb you.

      Situation2: Dinner is ready at home and everyone is expecting you to eat!
      Solution: Tell them you have recently learned ‘ How to control eating’ from an expert, according to his suggestion one should eat only when hungry and I will wait till I feel hunger pangs.

    • Advertisements: These are temptations; they keep reminding you that it would be great if you eat and have a hypnotising effect! Whenever you get the urge to eat after watching an advertisement of delicious food, just ask yourself the same question ” Am I hungry?” For most probably answer will be a flat NO. Remember the urge to eat is different from hunger, recognize both of them and act accordingly.
    • Stop Emotional Eating: If you tend to eat due to stress or boredom just use the “Am I hungry” Method to stop eating unnecessarily.
  2. “Two Times a day” Method: In Vedic cultures the custom was to eat twice daily once at around 10 A.M and the in the evening just before sunset. If it is possible for you to follow, well and good, however if not then restrict yourself to three meals a day. Make conscious effort not to put anything in your mouth in between your meals. Be careful, the possible intruders could be
    • Confectioneries
    • Soft Drinks
    • All type of wafers
    • Tea, Coffee etc.

    Whenever you have urge to eat or drink something drink a glass of water, it would help you curb the urge. Once you decide to follow ‘two of three times a day method’, make sure that you announce it to everyone. Informing people about it will help you reduce your social obligations to eat.

  3. Divide your portion Method: This is the most important method, but before I give you this stop eating extra method, I would like to introduce you to the funny organ we call stomach.

    The construction of stomach is like a rubber sack, the more you fill the more it will expand. So if you fill your stomach with 500gms of food for 10 days it will demand 500 grams on eleventh day too. However if you have a habit of filling it with 150 grams of food then 150 grams of food will be sufficient to curb hunger. Now the good news is for those who are already overeating and want to stop eating. Once you reduce your food content the stomach shrinks back to normal size and you can cure yourself from the habit of overeating.

    To stop eating more using the ‘ Divide your portion method’ you need to practice the following:Divide your food portion into four parts before you eat. Eat the first portion and ask yourself ‘ Is my hunger satiated?’, if the answer is no then only eat the second portion and again repeat the process. It is very likely that after you eat second portion of your food the answer to ” Is my hunger satiated?” May not come as a very bold ‘YES’. In such situation just drink half glass of water and repeat the question to yourself, you will get a definite answer.As you practice the ‘Divide your Portion’ Method to stop overeating you will reduce your food intake to balance with requirement of your body.

  4. Nothing After Sunset Method: Try to eat whatever you want to eat between sunrise and sunset. Do not take anything after sun is set, this method has been used by Bollywood greats like Karan Johar, Sonam Kapoor, Rani Mukherji etc. In essence this method induces a 15 hour fast that helps to shrink stomach size if it has expanded, thus reduces the food intake.
  5. Fast once a week Method: The benefits of fasting were well recognized in ancient times; most Asian religions have inculcated them into practice. Fasting not only gives rest to our digestive system but also resets the process of digestion. If you are in the habit of overeating and would like to stop eating like the way you do just fast once in a week. On the Following day eat moderate in accordance with “divide your portion technique”. Since fasting also helps shrink your stomach to its natural size you will feel satiated with less amount of food.

Disclaimer: If you are suffering from any disease then follow these methods with permission of your physician.

  1. Mohan Singh says:

    A good effort in this direction may help to control food habits

  2. Andrea says:

    The fasting method is so true. My weight goes up and down due to childbearing. I have given birth 3 times in four years.It sometimes takes me months to get there but once I fast and go 15 hours without food my appetite diminishes and I start to shed pounds.

  3. Nitin Akash says:

    Yes, Many people have benefited, including me, once i reduced 7 kgs in 6 days by reducing diet and walking 18 kms a day.

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