How to get rid of past bad karma

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The scope of this post is to reveal various options available to get rid of past bad karma. Past bad karma or past negative karma includes negative karma accrued during this and past lifetimes. This list obviously is not exhaustive but limited to my knowledge of the subject.

Through Meditation: This I heard in a satsang (spiritual talk) given by Swami Shri Kriyanandaji of Ananda Sangha, Swami Kriyananda is direct disciple of the god-realised master Parmahansa Yogananda. Swami Kriyananda told “ Since the burden of karma of thousands, or may be millions of life is immense on a soul, hence resolving karma becomes a task similar to that of breaking the ice cover over a thick frozen lake, if one tries to break the entire ice cover at once, he is bound to fail, considering the strength of ice. In such a situation the best way to reach water is to drill a groove in the ice and reach water. Similarly, If one thinks of getting rid of bad karma by suffering the deeds of his karma in multiple incarnations, then it is going to take thousand of lifetimes to get rid of all the accrued bad karma, that too when no bad deeds are done during such lifetimes.

In face of such impossibility, a yogi by using advance meditation techniques as those taught by sages like Shankaracharya, Patanjali and recently Yogananda Parmahansa reaches a state of super-consciousness and can resolve karma of one life time during an hour of meditation. This super-conscious state is called ‘Nirbikalpa Samadhi’. Thus one can get rid from the burden of karma in just a few years. Patanjali also mentions these techniques in Yog-Sutras.

Through a God Realized Master: I know finding a god realized master is next to impossible and even to come close to any god realized master one needs very good karma, however there are many documented incidences where god realized masters have worked out the karma of their disciples. Lahiri Mahasaya of Banaras had told her wife Kashi Moni Ma, “I have worked out your karma silently during these years and now you can be my disciple.” Another account comes in the Book “ The New Path” where the author mentions in 36th chapter, “Great masters have the power to assume onto their own bodies the karma of others, much as a strong man might generously take onto his own body blows that were intended for a weaker person. Masters can sustain a considerable number of such karmic “blows” without themselves suffering any noticeable ill effect. Occasionally, however — especially toward the end of their lives, in order to help their disciples through years of spiritual effort without the Guru’s physical presence — they assume large amounts of karma. At such times their own bodies may suffer temporarily.” Following this paragraph is live testimony about Parmahansa Yogananda.

Past life Regression: Past life regression can also be used to resolve some of the major karmic issues that one may be facing, although it is almost impossible to work out the entire Karma of all incarnations but at least major karmic issues pertaining to current life can be understood and resolved through right action.

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  1. ashvani kumar says:

    You have started a wonderful dicussion. I read in a book(perhaps “STAR SIGNS”) by Linda Goodman, a mystic of West, that the process of thinking that the present suffering is the result of our Past Karmas, starts the process of eradicating past karmas. When we become aware of and accept this fact that our present sufferings are the results of our past karmas – we may become more tolerant of suffering itself.
    One wonderful way for eradicating karma, she suggests is, that you do similar type of good karmas. Say for example, you have severe eye problems, then serve the people who have lost their eyesight. She says women who do not get issues might have done great injustice/cruelty to their children in past lives. And when they shower unconditional love on other children or even the adopted child, there are chances of her getting issues.She has quoted a real life example in her book in which a person suffering from an unknown disease got rid of his pain in this way .

  2. Nitin Akash says:

    Dear Ashvaniji,

    Thank you for adding such a wonderful fact, Star signs was such a fascinating and inspiring book when i read it few years back. Learning our life lessons and correcting our mistakes surly changes our life for good and allows us to get rid of guilt. I also feel it expedites resolution of a past bad karma.

  3. swami says:

    Shri yoganadaji has written solution to this problem in his book Whispers of Eternity, he says that we can not undo what we have done in the past, but we can surely do good now so change the future scenario.

    This book is available free of cost on net, it really gives an appropriate solution to this Catch 22 like problem.

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