How to make good friends

January 15th, 2012 by Nitin Akash Leave a reply »

Finding  good friends and being a good friend are two sides of the same coin. If we ourselves are good friend to others, then surely we will find good friends for us.

To become a good friend read How to be a good friend. Follow the steps mentioned and you will find good friends wherever you go. In addition to these there are few more things that we should consider to find good friends:

  1. Be Approachable: A prerequisite,  unless and until we are not approachable we limit our chances of getting good friends. Few traits that help us in becoming approachable are calmness, humility and respect for others. The traits that hinder our approachability are pride, selfishness, arrogance, bad temper, habit to make fun of others, deceiving or swindling behavior etc.
  2. Be social: Once the traits of a good friend are inculcated; one can attract good friends anywhere, in public transports, schools, offices, on the streets etc.
  3. Be realistic: Be realistic in your expectations about an ideal friend, we all have strengths and weaknesses, accept people as they are. If you are looking for an ideal friend without any shortcomings… know that such a friend is only God. Learn to commune with him. A little help about feeling god is given here.
  4. Be your best friend: If we are our best friends internally then it gets reflected in our external world. After our entire world is nothing but a reflection of our internal world. Hence it is important to keep ourselves in a way that we can love our own being, there are no conflicts within and we always feel good about ourselves. This can be achieved by being good. Read this post to know how to be good.
  5. Be happy: When we are internally happy, it reflects in our ways. We also emit happiness that attracts more people towards us thus giving us more friends. Some ways to  be  happy can be read by clicking the link.
  6. Be Assertive: Learn to protect yourself from people who drain you or are not approved by you for some reason, it is not that you hate them or something… but protect your energy. A bad company can antagonize good people from approaching.
  7. Be a good friend yourself: As said earlier consider this a law.

  1. Clemente Ilic says:

    Hi there! heads up for this post. I think it would be great to measure our friends qualitatively rather than quantitatively. Although i know a lot of people but i can call only a select 3 my friends. Do more friends give more happiness? or are more friends burden? the answer is quality friends are happiness and poor quality friends are burden. So again quality matters! I will keep track of your blog Mr. Nitin.

  2. Maureen Prill says:

    The formula is simple, be good yourself and you will find good everywhere. This is my universal formula and it works everywhere, be it friends, relations or thoughts.

  3. apj says:

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful post, keep posting!

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