My experience with frogiveness through dreams

January 24th, 2012 by Nitin Akash Leave a reply »

At one point of time I realized that I was carrying a lot of psychological burden by nurturing an unforgiving attitude. As ego subsided a bit through grace, I could see clearly the moments of my life when I behaved unjustly with others. I was keen to seek forgiveness but I had no idea how to meet these people after so many years. Most of my friends had changed location and i had also changed three cities in last four years. I had a strong feeling of repentance and willingness to seek and grant forgiveness to end karmic cycles. I knew in deep sleep astral travel to spiritual planes is possible. It is also possible in deep states of hypnotism as used in regression therapy but I was not aware of it at that time. Out of desperation I thought I would try to meet them in dream and see if it can help me get rid of the agony I was suffering from.

Before going to sleep I resolved to meet people there to seek forgiveness. I also instructed my subconscious mind to remember these dreams. Over few days I met four of my friends/colleagues in distinctly memorable dreams where my relation had soured.

First time it happened I met an ex-colleague whom I had deeply offended and I too had resentment that resulted out of retaliatory reaction received against my misconduct. When I met this person in dream s/he first smiled and then I saw that person getting bitterly angry over me. I woke up next day, I felt fresh but sorry. Surprisingly the next night again I saw the same person crying and expressing regret for events that offended both of us. When I woke up I felt very good, I could not  feel resentment for that person anymore.

On another occasion a close friend of mine had to alienate me due to circumstances beyond his control, I took offense without understanding his point of view. Although I had not expected but he appeared in my dream, I saw him very pleased to see me. He hugged me in a very loving way. It was as if he said no matter what happens I always consider you my friend. The dream was so vivid that I woke up in the morning almost singing with joy feeling the warmth of our friendship.

My willingness to seek forgiveness through dreams also opened a channel for others to seek forgiveness from me. Under paradoxical situation my closest college friend had to take a decision that might have affected my interests. I suppose he felt sorry for it, we never came in touch after this incident took place, I changed few cities on other side of the country. He appeared to me in dream and showed his repentance and helplessness over what happened. At that time I wanted to forgive him but could not do it genuinely after a few days again the same thing happened. My resentment slowly got subsided and I was able to feel love for him once again. After five years i hope to see him once again in the coming year.

A similar incident happened with respect to a cousin who under bad influence and ignorance harmed me and my family to a great extent.

I never got an opportunity to communicate to these people on physical plane, hence I could not authenticate this experience, but this relieved a huge burden that was lying on my heart. I am looking forward to meet one of them next year if situation permits and authenticate my experiences.


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