Resume Objective Samples- 21 Excellent Resume Objectives Samples

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I am listing below 21 excellent resume objective samples that can be tweaked to fit into your resume. It is advised to refer How to write a good resume objective beforehand. If you are preparing a resume to float on job portals then don’t be very specific about position applied for and company you would prefer to work for.

  1. Obtain position of sales training manager at Billy Lilly and Co. where I can help improve sales skill of colleagues through experience gained in implementing all aspects of training.
  2. To secure post of Account Executive in a reputed Media firm where I can leverage my industry contacts, good interpersonal skills and two years of sales experience to maximize revenue.
  3. Seeking position of floor manager at a mid size retail chain where my skills and experience can be effectively utilized to improve customer experience.
  4. Seeking position of Market research analyst at Mc. Linzy and Co, where I can utilize my exceptional data gathering and analysis skills to enable clients take profitable business decisions.
  5. Seeking suitable position in an office environment, where I can increase operational efficiency using near perfect organizational skills.
  6. To accept responsibilities of Senior Resident (Surgery) in a reputed private hospital where I can refine my surgical skills by assisting senior surgeons in handling patients more efficiently.
  7. To be gainfully employed as School Teacher and help young lives bloom into successful and responsible citizens.
  8. To obtain a position of Front office manager in a five star hotel where my interpersonal skills, exceptional general knowledge and pleasing personality can make experience of hotel guests memorable.
  9. To contribute as a software developer where my expertise of JAVA, SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, .NET and AJAX can be used to provide better software solutions.
  10. To be personnel Relation Officer of a reputed company where my public relation experience can be optimally utilized to improve customer satisfaction levels.
  11. To conceptualise and implement innovative business solutions into complex and ever changing business world using 30 years of business consulting experience.
  12. To supervise talent acquisition functions of all departments of a multi-layered company by accepting responsibilities of Human Resource Manager.
  13. To work as a Nurse in reputed hospital where my expertise in medical procedures and willingness to serve patients can be fully utilized.
  14. To perform as medical underwriter in a reputed insurance company where my knowledge of Medical complications and strong analytical skills can be used to reduce avoidable medical claims.
  15. To secure long term association with a reputed company where my educational background and ability to work well with people can be effectively used.
  16. In quest of an exciting career where I contribute towards the growth of an organization through acumen perfected by keen observation and meticulous analysis of real life situations- be it marketplace, corporate world, social gatherings or knowledge gained through books and academic sources.
  17. To improve operational efficiency of an organization through implementation of Six Sigma modules to all aspects of day-to-day operations, be it production, service or Sales.
  18. To work in a reputed call center where I can utilize my telephone antiquates, presence of mind and ability to learn to create better experience for customers.
  19. To be part of corporate sales team where I can leverage my industry contacts, strong negotiation skills and customer oriented approach to win major contracts.
  20. To successfully employ my profound knowledge of Chinese apparel market to source better apparels for a mega retail store while functioning as apparel merchandiser.
  21. To prepare team of crickets to world cup victory through use of latest mental and physical training techniques while functioning as lead cricket coach.

I hope by now you would have made your own resume objective, for the benefit of rest of the world kindly put it in the comment box below.

  1. Mathews says:

    How about This

    “Seeking challenging assignments in Managerial role in an Organization of repute in the verticals of Marketing and Sales for a career encompassing professional & personal advancement”

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