The Spiritual Basis of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

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I first witnessed SIDS while working as hospital administrator, a healthy baby girl born after caesarean expired on tenth day while sleeping. Just a day before Consultant paediatrician had examined the child to find her in best of her health. It became very difficult for the parents of the deseased baby to accept the fact that SIDS is widely observed phenomenon and science cannot provide a satisfactory answer to explain it. Since ages sudden Infant death Syndrome or SIDS is considered as a bewildering phenomenon that haunts most professionals associated with child health care. It is equally painful, if not bewildering to parents of infants who succumb to (or opt for) SIDS.

In brief, SIDS is a phenomenon marked by sudden death of an infant during sleep without any explainable cause. Such deaths are unexpected and remain unexplained even after multiple autopsies and through investigation of the death scene. SIDS has been reported for infants who are older than three weeks up to one year, with some exceptions here and there. Almost 1 out of every 2000 (0.053% of Live births in 2005) infant leaves the physical world without leaving a quantifiable reason. The reason why doctors and scientists are unable to link SIDS to any physical disorder of the human body is the spiritual nature of this phenomenon.

Death rate due to SIDS has decreased over a period of time ( 0.14% in 1988 to 0.53% in 2005), not because suggested precautions helped reduce incidences of infant death, but because more and more infant deaths could be linked to a particular medical disorder, courtesy advancements in diagnostic technologies. Since more number of deaths could be explained, they could not be accounted as SIDS. After 2001 the death ratio attributed to SIDS has platued at around 0.55% of Live births.

To explain SIDS spiritually let me give you some glimpses into the spiritual world and our co-relation with it. Most of these facts are known to all of us intuitively, however the conscious mind might attempt to mislead, so just observe it if it tries too hard.

  1. Consciousness (or Soul) survives the body i.e. we live even after death of this body.
  2. After death of physical body, we move into a spiritual plane and live there in accordance with our evolution.
  3. Most of us opt to come to earth to evolve and learn our lessons, with some exceptions.
  4. Our bodies are instruments that give us ability to use resources to survive as a physical being, however they also disconnect our conscious state from the awareness of spiritual world in ordinary circumstances. Spiritual scientists have devised many methods of quietening the physical conscious mind to realize the spiritual nature of our being; I will discuss this aspect later.

Now the Spiritual process of birth is something like this:

  1. A soul under the guidance of highly evolved soul or spirit guide decides the learning objectives and purpose of life, In order to fulfil those objectives the soul decides on a suitable mother as permitted by karmic debt.

  2. The soul waits for the right opportunity and reserves the foetus as it is conceived and links itself to the foetus, this is something like Air or rail reservation, Any time during the gestation period if the conditions on earth becomes unsuitable for the soul to accomplish it’s goals, it can withdraw and another soul can occupy it’s place. If no soul occupies the foetus, a stillborn baby is born.
  3. Once the soul is born as baby, it is still in continues communion with it’s spirit guide/s from the spiritual world, as the infant grows it slowly looses conscious spiritual awareness and improves physical awareness.

It takes almost one year for most children to loose conscious communion with it’s spirit guide/s. Anytime during this one year if the soul finds that circumstances have changed, or it might regress instead of progressing, the soul has an open option to leave the physical world willingly. This is not possible once the child crosses the age of one year.

Hence, once a soul leaves the physical world this way, we observe no physical reason and term it as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS. In some countries it is defined as SUDI or Sudden Unexplained Death in Infancy. It is surely not unexplained, but may be we are just not ready to document all this in our scientific journals right now.

  1. asdf29 says:

    Thank you! I hope this knowledge helps to relieve pain of the parents who have gone through the painful experience of loosing a child due to SIDS.

  2. Cartel says:

    It took me some time but finally i found this fascinating article like yours. Personally, if all web owners and bloggers made good content material then web would be so less misleading.

  3. Nice post. A new perspective of looking at SIDS, i also feel there is more to sids, that science has yet not discovered. May be with the evolution of mankind more and more facts will come to light. Anyways all the best and keep writing meaningfully.

  4. ft says:

    i always felt this was the reason for my older sister’s passing, as she was found blue and dead in her crib at 2 months old, and failure to thrive. Four months later, my mom was pregnant with me and then 2 other subsequent pregnancies (births) after me. My parents never recovered from the loss of their 1st-born. A part of me always envied her (Anita) to have never experienced the sad, empty, abusive childhood and home that was ours growing up. Maybe her soul “knew” something we (my siblings and I) didn’t. It was meant to be, God knows. All is good.

  5. Nitin Akash says:

    I feel we know the situations we come into and come to this planet with a firm determination to give out best to the world. We know our childhoods may be difficult but still we choose it and most of the time help everyone involved to evolve and in the process we evolve ourselves. Look at this world as if it’s a school, some chapters are difficult and some are pleasant.

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